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Earning the trust of our partners is our top priority. We care for them just as we look after ourselves.

We believe that your success is our success and we are always open to collaborations in order to find solutions to our customers' challenges. We also believe that building close relationships with our clients plays a key role for appreciating all the hard work that goes into making unique and delicious specialty coffees.



You will be part of a partnership that reaches out across the world and connects everyone involved in the coffee industry.

You enter a relationship with the farmer who grows coffee with a lot of hard work and effort, through a distributor or a roaster who selects the precise coffee to purchase and then offer it to their clients, across the person who makes the brew and over to all of us end users. Because we all love coffee, and in the end when you have the knowledge of what each grain goes through, then each and every cup of coffee tastes even better.

Whether it's our close partners from the coffee shop next door or someone thousands of miles away, we are all one team.

And again, only as a close-knit team can we grow and evolve together and overcome obstacles.

By choosing us you are going to support a Bulgarian company that wants to deliver quality and reliability in coffee consumption.

Buying coffee is a responsibility that can have a considerable impact on the lives of families around the world.

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