RWANDA - Bumbogo

ORIGIN – Rwanda, Gakenke

FARM - Bumbogo washing station

VARIETY – Red Bourbon

PROCESSING - Fully Washed

ALTITUDE – 1650m- 2000m

CROP – 2019


Filter Roast



Is it a coffee or tea? This was one of the first questions when we cupped this coffee for first time.

Extremely complex with super impressive notes of sweet marmalade, dried figs, green tea, rooibos, lime and iced tea.


RWANDA - Bumbogo


    1. The Gakenke District is a world-renowned area when it comes to producing top specialty coffee from Rwanda. Numerous stations have placed in the Rwanda Cup of Excellence over the years from this district. Bumbogo is the newest CWS in the Gakenke District and is only an hour’s drive away from the capital city Kigali. Around every single corner on the way to Bumbogo you will witness stunning vistas of all shades of green hills complimented with the bright orange coloured soil of Rwanda. Once you turn off the main highway you will pass through the local villages and make yourself through numerous coffee farms until you are greeted strikingly by Bumbogo CWS.
    2. Bumbogo’s growth has been phenomenal since it started in 2017. Our Bumbogo family more than doubled its production from the first year in 2018 by building an extra 106 new African drying beds, bringing the grand total to 203 drying beds.

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