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SNACK! was founded in late 2019 by Georgi Harizanov, who discovered the world of specialty coffee, years ago while traveling the world. In order to set up the company in Bulgaria, he goes through an extraordinary journey that gives him the necessary knowledge and experience to develop the specialty coffee culture in a country where  it’s  just beginning - Bulgaria.

The name of the brand comes from the fact that coffee is a type of food - a type of snack that you can feed not only the body but also your mind. The main colors used are bright and distinctive, vibrant, giving energy and charge just like the coffee itself.

If SNACK! were a man, he would surely be touring the urban jungle in search of new coffee adventures, telling the unique history of coffee and how some of the best coffees in the world are grown with love and then brewed with love.

SNACK! would not set boundaries, only possibilities for experimentation, to find the preferred coffee recipe. SNACK! is an ambassador for third wave culture. In constant search for new specialty coffees to offer not only on the Bulgarian market, but also on the world, being a guest of various coffee shops that recognize him as an adherent.


Our beans are selected according to a few essential criteria:

  • QUALITY - only specialty coffee rated by the standards of the Specialty Coffee Association and the Coffee Quality Institute for Green and Roasted Coffee

  • EXCEPTIONAL TASTE - cleanliness, acidity, sweetness and balance

  •  TRACEABILITY of the whole process - from farm to cup

  •  TRANSPARENCY in pricing and best practices in purchasing of green coffee

With our roasting we try not to affect the flavors of the coffee too much by extra caramelization, what we do is we simply reveal what is already sitting there waiting for the right conditions to enable it to display its true character in the cup.

And all this produces a flavor that is inspiring, clean and fresh. Our aim is to entice your palate with our handpicked coffee batches! Because we believe that when the coffee tastes exceptionally good customers come back and they make sure they tell others about it.



We encourage full transparency and traceability in coffee sales and we make every effort to honor the farmer's hard work and show them our gratitude for enabling us to offer such a top quality product.

We believe in sustainable coffee. This coffee is cultivated by means that are kind to people and the environment. Farmers who follow this principle give back to the land and the community as much as they receive.

We work hard and will keep improving our skills to help and inspire each and every one who plays a role in the coffee process.



You will be part of a partnership that reaches out across the world and connects everyone involved in the coffee industry.

A relationship with the farmer who grows coffee with a lot of hard work and effort, through a distributor or a roaster who selects the precise coffee to purchase and then offer it to their clients, across the person who makes the beverage and over to all of us end users. Because we all love coffee, and in the end, when you have the knowledge about what each grain goes through, then every single cup of coffee tastes even better.

Whether it's our close partners from the coffee shop next door, or someone thousands of miles away, we are all one team.

And again, only as a close-knit team can we grow and evolve together and overcome obstacles.

By choosing us you are going to support a Bulgarian company that wants to deliver quality and reliability in coffee consumption.

Buying coffee is a responsibility that can have a considerable impact on the lives of families around the world.

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