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MASTERPIECES by Daterra 23 - Lot Chão Vermelho

MASTERPIECES by Daterra 23 - Lot Chão Vermelho


Lot 1993 Chão Vermelho
Meaning: Red ground

Aromas: Strawberries, red berries, floral, biscuity, sweet
Flavours: Ume-shu, blackberry, black currant, ripe strawberry, stewed apples / Umeshu is a fruity liqueur made from unripened Japanese plums, ume, steeped with sugar in distilled liquor over time./
Varietal: Paraíso
Process: Anaerobic 72 hours

Cupping Score - 91



Each year Daterra's Cuppers search the vast potential of Daterra for unique small lots of coffee, The Masterpieces.
This very small farm is a lab, where they test new ways of producing coffee. The lab is rich with new and unusual varietals, processing methods, drying techniques and limitless experiments. Each coffee has an unique cup profile and scores 90+, is fully traceable, planted and grown with history and can never be replicated.

Daterra was born out of the vision of one man to create excellence. Excellence in environmental and economic sustainability and above all else, excellence in quality. This vision has become a reality, being the first Rainforest certified farm in Brazil and later becoming the first ‘A’ grade certified farm for sustainability in the world. From the organic farm on site that is used in the meals they provide their workers, reusable pouches and regular filtered water taps that help to reduce plastic consumption, to the work with local schools, colleges, and universities, the breadth of their ambition is clearly visible.

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